About Hiber

Hiber was founded in 2017 and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We operate the Hiber social Apps (Hiber), and our web-based entertainment platform, HiberWorld. Our company has grown from a handful of people in the early days to around 50 dedicated and extremely talented Hiberians that work every day to make the platform better and enable self-expression.

The team originally created HiberWorld as a place for people to create their own 3D interactive experiences and share them with others, without the need to code. Initially, everything was browser-based and in 2019 we reached a major milestone when we released touch creation mode, bringing the experience of making and sharing your own creations to mobile devices with touch screens.

Since then, More than 1.5 Million experiences have been created including virtual worlds, 3D hangouts, games, playgrounds, speed-run challenges, interactive science museums, roller coasters, pixel art showcases, and more.

As we’ve added more social features, we’ve also seen explosive growth amongst mobile users. To deliver an even better experience for the growing community, Hiber is working on delivering Apps for Android, iOS devices in 2021.

At the root of it all, we believe we are giving people a new language with which to communicate using interactive 3D elements, without the need to code, so anyone can tell their story or deliver their message to the world.